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Bob and CougarIn Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob, author B.J. Campbell gathers twenty-six adventures of North Idaho native, Robert  L. Campbell, for the story collection.

After years of telling, Bob’s outdoor stories are campfire fare. Whether he is searching for jail escapees with his man-trailing bloodhound, tracking problem cougar for the Fish & Game, or giving advice on skunk surgery, most of the stories feature a narrow escape.

Between stories, News Flashes appear from “The Cougar Bob Review,” the popular twenty-year periodic newsletter publication about Bob’s true adventures.

To purchase copies of the paperback book, (ISBN: 978-1-936178-04-9) visit http://www.amazon.com/Close-Calls-True-Tales-Cougar/dp/1936178044, ask your favorite bookstore, or order direct from Gray Dog Press: http://www.graydogpress.com/bookstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=27 Phone: 509-534-0372, Spokane, WA. The eBook and AudioBook versions of the book are available for purchase right here on the side of each page of the Cougar Bob website.

Stories from “Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob”

Learning to Count
Hound Music
Going Bananas

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